GPS WP NEXT ALT is always wrong

I am getting waypoint information correctly . But GPS WP NEXT ALT is always
zero, is should be the constraint alititude for that Waypoint connect? my code
simconnect.AddToDataDefinition(DEFINITIONS.WaypointListStruct, “GPS WP NEXT
SimConnect.SIMCONNECT_UNUSED); receive data into structure that has public
double nextWaypointAlt;

Is this for an external Windows executable or are you trying to get flightplan
info in WASM?

Hello @ZenMusic I’ve tried to reproduce your issue in C# with SimVarWatcher
but the value update correctly, i’ve also tried with the sample “Request Data”
from the SDK wich is in C++ and it returned the correct value too. Can you
look at those projects code & see if there is some differences with your own
code ? You can also send me your project (see [3) provide private
bug-or-crash.html)). Best Regards, Yohan

waypoint PACIF (near KSAN going
KLAX) in simvar reports 92,569.xxxx Feet , that’s not correct either

Hello @ZenMusic In this screen PACIF is the next waypoint, not the current, so
the 92569 feet isn’t for PACIF but is still an absurd value for altitude,
after looking at the code we saw that the documentation about this variable
was misleading, it return a value in feet already so you shouldn’t select a
unit for it in simvarwatcher, or just select “number” as the unit. This will
be corrected in future updates Best Regards, Yohan

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