Grass Height Issue


i am developing a scenery for an airfield with a grass surface. The issue i am
facing is, that the grass height is not really changeable unless you change
the colour (greener grass = higher height, grayish grass = lower height) I
tried choosing “Grass_Short Surface” in the Bit Map Editor but this didn’t
change anything. On my airfield there are some ground markers that i created
as a polygon and they can’t be seen when i choose green grass, because it is
too high… Right now i am using Taxi_Grass but the colour of that is not
really that good. It would be really good to get a solution for that… Since
there are options to choose between Grass_Erase, Grass_Short, Grass_High etc
that should please change something!

Thank you

That would really be nice to have a better influence on the grass height!

Before SU5 Update we worked with invisible apron stripes across the runway to
lower the grass at 3U2 Johnson Creek, unfortenately this “workaround” doesn´t
work anymore. Thats pretty bad for grass Airstrips due to the fact the
“standard” grass is definately too high for a grass runway. So i definately
support this request!

It ruins any attempt to create
realistic grass areas!

I have noticed that some users do not experience this grass which is too tall.
In scenery I have created, such as in the image of my previous post, I have
seen videos where the same grass I have placed in the very same scenery is, on
their pc, the correct height! I have also noticed that these people have an
AMD GPUs… My theory at the moment is that it is only Nvidia cards that are
affected with this grass height issue, it does not seem to be the case with
AMD cards. Also perhaps Asobo have AMD cards on their testing and building
pc’s, to be compatible with Xbox hardware…? and therefore may not be able
see or reproduce this height abnormality…? Is it possible somebody can
confirm or deny this theory please? Thanks Mick

The actual SU6 build fixed the problem with the grass height :slight_smile:

Ah now that is good news, thank you so much!

What do you mean by “fixed”? How can it be influenced?

I think you are wrong. I just tested it and the issue still occurs. Not fixed

The issue is still not fixed! Still experience the same issue with the grass
height as before! Asobo is in dire need to do something about this! Please
upvote this request so they will see it!

I really can’t confirm that since i am using a Nvidia GPU. But i can’t imagine
the GPU to be the problem.

Well all I can say is that people I know have sent me screenshots, those with
AMD grass is normal, those with Nvidia grass too long…

hmm our “short grass” at Johnson Creek is back again with the current SU6 test
build , even with Nvidia cards

And what did you do to “control” the height?

We used a apron with the “Runway_Asphalt03” texture (0% opacity) and “force
draw above runways”

Hello. We pushed a fix in SU6 regarding this. The grass was supposed to be
shorter in apron’s vicinity but it was no longer working. Apart from that, the
height basically depends on how green it is so you can adjust the color to
adjust the height. Regards, Sylvain

As soon as I use an apron for this the grass completely disappears → So you
mean to change the color by changing the aerieal image?

I wish i could say the fix was helpful. But (for me at least) it is still not
working. Yes the height depends on the colour. That’s what i recognized
already, too. But since there is an option to choose between “Short_Grass”,
“Erase_Grass” etc. it should change something, what it does not, apparently.
And yes, you could change the colour of the grass but i tried it and the
colour is awful as F when i get it to the correct height. (The height that
usual lawn mown grass looks like) Greetings, Chris

Hello. I got some more info on this. As some of you suspected, the current
behaviour in SU6 depends on your GPU. We just fixed a shader bug that will be
available with SU7 and is causing some inconsistent behaviour with the grass.
That said, I also made sure we have a proper way to enforce a shorter grass:
- Create an apron - Give it a material with a GRASS surface type
(SHORT_GRASS and ERASE_GRASS are not supported and should be removed) - Set
opacity to 0 if you want to keep your aerial The distance field is not very
precise so there’s a possibility it doesn’t match perfectly the contour of
your polygon. Regards, Sylvain

Can we eventually get a grass height parameter? It seems
counterintuitive/counterproductive to go through such rigamarole for something
so important.