Ground Services disappear with Jan 6, 2022 update

It seems that addon airports that have their own Airport Services and Living
World CFG files now disables the default ground services at all default
airports in MSFS on a worldwide scale. If I remove the addon airport with it’s
own Airport Services and Living World CFG files from the community folder,
then the ground services at all the default airports all return to normal.
This only affects addon airports with has their own Airport Services and
Living World CFG files defined. If your airport does not have these, then the
default ground services work. This only started to happen with the last
update. Before that everything worked. The Airport Services and Living World
CFG files only affected the airport it was designed for and not all the
airports worldwide! No pun intended guys, but to bring out fixes for airports
that was broken due to updates is getting very annoying. Every update that
comes out have some issue attached to it and here we have it again. I have the
utmost respect for the work you do, please do not take this the wrong way, but
it has been more than a year now. Can we PLEASE get the base package fixed? It
is a nightmare for us developers working like this, patching our work month
after month and then undoing those patches with other patches. We need some
stability, PLEASE!

Hello @Space.Baron , We just finished some testing on our side and didn’t see
any issue Are you the creator of the addon(s) you’re having the problem with?
If yes, could you send us your AirportService / LivingWorld configuration
files please ? Also, there are not suposed to be .cfg files for
AirportServices/LivingWorld but . spb when the package is build and xml
otherwise. As stated in the
about the LivingWorld, “This file defines the models to use for various parts
of living world”. So the living world affect only one or several regions of
the world and not a particular Airport. Best Regards, Boris

I checked with our own Louisville KSDF, which comes with a custom by-airport
Ground service file (but not a Living World file, which are only by-region),
and I can see both the customizations at KSDF, and standard services
everywhere else.

Thanks for the tip. I will give it a bash and see what happens.