Handcrafted Asobo Airport Conflicting With Marketplace Airport on Xbox

Hello, Default handcrafted Asobo airports are overriding scenery from the
marketplace with no way to disable them on the Xbox platform. The scenery in
question is Queenstown Airport, NZQN. This bug has been reported on several
occasions by customers to my team since the last sim update. This is a major
issue as the sim is showing both add-ons as the same time… this is not good
for ratings on the marketplace as customers will obviously blame the product.
I would propose this is a high-urgency issue to be resolved some way in the
very near future as it seems to be reported to us at least once every two days
by customers on Xbox. Screenshots from a customer on our support forum: There
is no way for us to test on Xbox. This issue has occurred for customers on PC
with odd layering in the VFS, but this was resolved by simply disabling the
Asobo handcrafted NZQN which obviously isn’t possible on Xbox. I really look
forward to a prompt resolution on this matter. Kind Regards, Max iniBuilds

We reported the same to our Marketplace contacts but, likely because of the
thanksgiving holidays, haven’t got a reply yet. I also flagged it as a bug in
the SU7 Beta and, basically, it’s a problem that, content that is part of the
Standard Package has no “Delete” button in the Content Manager on XBOX. It
does it on PC, of course so, no problem on PC, where users can also act on the
Content.xml file to sort out priority problems. But right now, it’s impossible
for Xbox users to disable a default handcrafted airport that is not part of a
World Update or a Premium upgrade and, in some cases, is preventing user to
use what they already paid for
because of new default airports being
introduced to cover the same airport that might have been already on sale in
the Marketplace for a while. Case in point, our scenery for Zurich. While for
PC users it’s enough to Delete the default Microsoft version to fix any
conflicts of double objects like the ones above, XBOX users can’t so, they
have no choice other than uninstalling the product they bought. While I might
understand the reasoning behind not letting Xbox users mistakenly remove
something that might be required for the sim to work, this should not include
airports. Not fixing this will seriously hamper any future airport
development, because nobody knows what Microsoft might include in the future
so, any airport might be at risk of becoming unusable for those that bought
it. While PC users might react by simply preferring to buy outside the
Marketplace, Xbox users (or PC/Xbox dual users that might want to pay for
something only once ) won’t have this choice, and will just be frustrated of
losing access to something they already bought, because of a future update.

If the problem Is layering, can you Asobo please consider the idea of
content.xml delete and re create right After the addition of new packages?
Maybe you can upvote this idea ?

Hello. This a problem with package order management. Your custom airport was
installed before the asobo one and they’re now conflicting. On PC, this can be
solved by clearing the Content.xml but on Xbox, the only solution I can think
of is to reinstall the game. We plan to address these issues and improve the
Content Manager to avoid this kind of problem. Regards, Sylvain

On PC, this can be solved by clearing the Content.xml but on Xbox, the only solution I can think of is to reinstall the game.

Wouldn’t be easier if the Xbox version removed the Content.xml at each restart
of the sim, or when a new scenery is downloaded from the Marketplace ?

Thank you for your response on this matter
However, it’s a matter that should be in looked into expeditiously for the
nearest possible update since it’s a major inconvenience for our customers to
reinstall the sim (~100+GB?) just to get our scenery working when it isn’t an
issue that’s been provoked by any wrongdoing in our development process. It’s
rather a pain to tell the customer the issue is with the sim, and then when
they open up a ticket with Microsoft/Asobo, they receive an automated response
being told that the developer is responsible for this issue. I really hope it
can be resolved ASAP. Kind Regards, Max iniBuilds

It would be very cool if the ability to disable/enable add-ons on the fly was
added to Content Manager. Just enable, not to delete.

My 2 cents. This might not be politically correct, but I guess the real
question is: do we/MSFS customers need Handcrafted Asobo Airports when basic
features (like VGDS) are still not available, models have no snow, the glass
shimmers during fog and the installer/update system sometimes works and
sometimes doesn’t? CTDs are a standard behavior now but almost never happened
in Alpha/Beta. Is it Microsoft’s requirement that Asobo would create their own
airports? I mean - the whole Marketplace system was created to cooperate with
3rd-party devs, basically removing the need for Asobo to create any more
custom sceneries. Perhaps I am dumb but I see no reason for Asobo’s to make
free custom sceneries… The thing is - there are plenty of people worldwide
able to create airport sceneries and a very limited amount of Asobo engineers
able to dig into the MSFS code and add/fix features. In my opinion, Asobo is
wasting time and resources with all those customized sceneries, which are of
course better than just default but not as good/detailed as commercial 3rd-
party sceneries. It almost seems like a conflict of interests. Besides, they
introduce additional bugs when used together with 3rd-party and this should
have been the first thing to analyze, investigate and fix. All these bugs
directly influence sales. The last thing - all our products are checked and
tested by the Marketplace team however these products behave differently on
our customer’s computers, which means, that the testing process is wrongly
performed. For over two months users got CTDs when loading some products,
there were no jetways and, as mentioned above, we can’t test Xbox content
relying on the Marketplace team to do it. The tests are good but some users
still get major issues, including purchasing of products. I myself tried to
install a product on my friend’s Xbox and did not succeed, the product just
wasn’t visible in the sim although it was active and marked as Installed. Tech
issues with the sim (or lack of features) only Asobo can handle while
thousands (hundreds) of people can do good custom airports and airplanes. This
probably will not happen, but I sincerely believe that these priorities should
be reconsidered.

I thought these airports are developed already by 3rd party developers like
GAYA or Aerosoft (EDDS)?

That is correct

Given marketplace addons are added to the official folder and not community,
this would not necessarily be a solution.

The only real answer to the problem is what Sylvain said, the Content manger
needs at least as much functionality as used to be in the scenery manager menu
in FSX. The addition of the ability to multi-select and drag functionality to
the list would be a huge plus on top of all the functionality that used to be
in the FSX content manager. The fact it doesn’t is a huge problem for
customers trying to do anything with addons, whether they are yours or anyone

Fully agree with Stanislaw! While developing for MSFS is a lot of fun because
the underlying technique is state of the art and many levels above what we
previously had - it’s more than ever a nerve wrecking walk in the minefield.
You never know which functionality is gone or buggy with the next sim update
while at the same time you never know if months spend at an airport will be
worth it because the next unannounced free rendition with may be just around
the corner with the next sim update.

the content.xml file controls also the layering of packages in the official
folder so yes, IF a conflict could be solved that way, if the content.xml was
rebuilt at every startup, at least xbox users would have one chance to fix
them, be reinstalling the thing that should go last. but yes, of course, this
is only a temporary fix, what is really needed, is a proper UI to arrange

Is it Microsoft’s requirement that Asobo would create their own airports? I
mean - the whole Marketplace system was created to cooperate with 3rd-party
devs, basically removing the need for Asobo to create any more custom
sceneries. Perhaps I am dumb but I see no reason for Asobo’s to make free
custom sceneries… […] It almost seems like a conflict of interests.

I might be mistaken but I always thought the marketplace was only created to
get a cut on 3rd party vendor sales only, in exchange for a DRM and
distribution system. And given the Xbox closed distribution model, it is also
the only way to offer any add-on to Xbox users. This doesn’t seem to be meant
to cooperate at all though, otherwise I believe RXP would have been approved
on the marketplace a long time ago? Or is it just a matter of conflict of
interests here but which one? Wouldn’t it to MSFT/Asobo advantage all
experienced and renown vendors in this industry get to work with MSFT/Asobo
and help contribute to the FS2020 success?