Hangar freeze, CTDs and miscellaneous problems with our products on SOME XBox units

We (IndiaFoxtEcho) are experiencing a number of issues with some of our
products on some XBox units. In particular, our T-45 and our F-35, which work
fine on PC and are not using a lot of resources, exhibit: - Hangar freeze (30
seconds) when switching liveries - Temporary freeze when switching internal /
external views (with CTDs in some cases). - random CTDs This stopped us from
releasing the F-35 on Xbox. We had similar issues on the PC version, and it
turned out that these were solved by excluding some files from the Marketplace
encryption process (which cannot be done on Xbox). The T-45C seemed to work
well until SU6, but it got worse in SU7 and SU8 (meaning, works fine on PC but
CTDs on XBox). Puzzling thing is that for many XBox users the T-45C works just
fine. …any hint of what may be going wrong?

Hi there ! Looking at the F-35 package the issue seems to be that some of its
textures are much too big (8192x8192 for some of them!). I suspect users who
are having issues are playing on an Xbox Series S while those who have less
problems are running an Xbox Series X. Switching liveries on my PC leads to
some freezes too so I don’t think the issue is limited to Xbox. We will
investigate the issue in more detail but in order to release on Xbox I suggest
you limit the size of your textures to 4K at most for now. As far as I can see
the T-45 has much lower resolution textures but switching liveries still takes
time - this is also under investigation. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thansk Eric - however, there are a couple of counter-arguments to your point.
Our MB.339 did use 8K textures, and had no problems whastoever with XBox -
hence we adopted a these for the F-35, which has a similar texture workload.
Also, the F-35 had issues of long hangar freeze (30 seconds) and CTDs on the
PC (reported by the Microsoft testing team) AFTER the encryption. Unencrypted
files were fine. As far as I know, this has been solved removing some files
(the cockpit models if I am not mistaken) from the encryption process on the
PC and the F-35 was successfully released. No complaints from PC customers at
the moment. As for the T-45, actually we have complaints from both Series X
and Series S users (T-45C version 1.2.3). Moreover, the Microsoft test team
reported consistent crashes (100%) on Xbox with the latest update submission
(T-45C v1.2.4) , while the package was tested with no issues previously (T-45
version 1.2.3). Note that the latest version has no graphical changes with
respect to the approved release - just a minor code addition to support TACAN.
Works fine on PC.

An 8K texture in itself is not an issue - it is the total amount of textures
that can become a problem. As far as I can see, here is the size taken by the
textures of one single livery of each plane on disk:

  • MB339 - 125MB
  • T45-C - 900MB
  • F35 - 1.5GB

With these figures in mind, and not even considering the size of the meshes,
it could explain why you get more crashes on Xbox with the F35 than with the
the T45-C, and why you do not have issues with the MB339. We are discussing
this whole topic internally to see what could be done to improve things but
the only immediate solution I see to fit your bigger planes into the Xbox is
to lower the amount of textures that is used. As a side note, I am trying to
get information about this encryption issue you mentioned - I’ll let you know
as soon as I know more. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thanks Eric Makes sense but there are a couple of observations. As for the
T-45C: All versions up to 1.2.3 included were tested by the Microsoft Test
team and worked fine (no issues found on the XBox) and product was launched on
the Marketplace. After the release (apparently around SU6 but that is
unrelated) SOME customers reported crashing and freezing (even in the hangar
and before starting a flight). Those users have consistent crashes (it may
well be that they are using the T-45 with very complex scenery… but they
claim they only have stock scenery). For most users the product works fine
with no crashes. Then, starting from version 1.2.4 (which has no changes in
the graphics department) Microsoft test team reported freeze and CTD in 100%
of the cases, which is puzzling. As for the F-35, here is what I got from the
test team on the PC version for your reference: A typical encryption file
will have the following lines: “id”: “model”, “root_path”: “SimObjects”,
“include”: [ “*LOD0.bin”, “*LOD0.gltf”, “*LOD00.bin”, “*LOD00.gltf” With this
file what was occurring with the F-35 was that it was encrypting all the
LOD00.bin and .gltf files. That included not only the three models, which were
F35A_LOD00.bin, F35A_LOD00.glft, etc, but also the interior’s which are
labeled F-35A_VC_LOD00.bin, F35A_VC_Lod00.gltf, etc. We then created a custom
encryption file for the F-35 which looked like this: “id”: “model”,
“root_path”: “SimObjects”, “include”: [ “F35A_LOD00.bin”, “F35A_LOD00.gltf”,
“F35B_LOD00.bin”, “F35B_LOD00.gltf”, “F35C_LOD00.bin”, “F35C_LOD00.gltf” This
file only encrypts the models instead of also encrypting the
cockpits/interiors. That fixed the delay issue with switching through the
different models in the hanger.
Thanks for your support! Much appreciated!

By any chance, do you know which airport/zone your customers were spawning in
/ going through when the crash occurred? Even with “stock scenery” you will
have large differences in memory usage depending on where you are flying:
being over the sea is probably the least demanding while Manhattan (especially
with photogrammetry) or big airports such as KLAX require much more memory. I
suspect the issue has been there since your planes launched on Xbox, and right
now I cannot explain the difference reported by the MS Test Team between
versions 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 of the T45 (unfortunately I only have version 1.2.3
available so I cannot compare the two versions). I’ll try to get in touch with
them to know more about the issue. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi Eric As far as I know, customers also have this problem with stock scenery
and in relatively simple areas. Let me know if you want access to the
encrypted version - however 1.2.4 has only very minor changes in the avionics
(to support the native Tacan)…