Has anyone successfully worked on a C++ MSFS project using VSCode instead of Visual Studio?

I’m a much bigger fan of VSCode. Having to work with Visual Studio to load and
edit projects has been a pain. If I try loading the solution file using the
solution-explorer) extension, it doesn’t sort the files at all into

Hello @NakajimaYoshi I’m not sure to understand well your issue, when you load
the solution in vscode you don’t have any folder in the Solution Tab ? Can you
provide me more informations about your issue and/or screenshot ? Best
Regards, Yohan

@Yoanito Hey there. Exactly.
When I load the solution in the solution explorer tab, there is no folder
system to be seen. I.e. every single source file is grouped under 1 folder
when loaded in VSCode.

Hello @NakajimaYoshi I’m sorry to say that but since this plugin isn’t linked
to the SDK and/or Asobo we can’t do much, i suggest you to post this issue on
the forum of the vscode-solution-explorer. Best Regards, Yohan