'Head Up Mode' position configuration possible?

The ‘Head Up’ mode being the upwards shift of the camera when (by default) the
spacebar is pressed; it’s referred to by multiple names in different menus /
windows. Currently experiencing a situation where the upwards shift of the
camera while in the DefaultPilot or CoPilot viewpoints is barely imperceptible

  • the camera only shifts upwards perhaps an inch or so. I don’t have any mesh
    in place to restrict the interior camera movement at all, only an
    environmental occlusion mesh. What defines the amount of movement, or
    alternatively, what in this case would be defining the collision that’s
    preventing the camera from moving upwards a normal (compared to other aircraft
    and projects) amount? Note that this only occurs in the DefaultPilot and
    CoPilot viewpoints. When in the ClosePilot or LandingPilot views, the Head Up
    mode works fine… even though the LandingPilot viewpoint is positioned higher
    then the DefaultPilot camera!

Bump on this… @FlyingRacoon?

Hello @MV-JimStewart This camera offset is not configurable but the affected
simvar is exposed and writable: COCKPIT CAMERA HEIGHT As to why the shift is
very limited in your case, check the value of the HEIGHT parameter in your
camera options. If it’s already close to 100%, the shift will have very
limited effect. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for the answer. The info is certainly useful. Ironically enough, I’d
stumbled upon a fix for the issue just last night while working on another
area: adding the collision meshes as defined in the SDK seems to have restored
the ability to move an expected amount upwards using the Head Up function.