Helicopter - Controlling initial speed when spawning mid-air

Previously (fixed wing) it was possible to control the airspeed using
cruise.FLT: [SimVarForSpawningInTheAir.0] IAS=30 Now (switching to
SU11 helicopter) the aircraft will be spawned at a very high speed, around
100kt. Since mid-air start is often used near a POI, this sends the user off
in the wrong direction at a good rate of speed. Can we reduce the speed which
the helicopter spawns at?

Hello. I’m an aircraft developer who asked a question regarding the SDK.
Cruise.FLT/Approach.FLT is part of every aircraft delivered and sets variables
for the aircraft spawning mid-air. My aircraft has new undesirable behaviors
now and I am asking how to return to the previous behaviors.

Hello @davux3 I can confirm this section of the FLT file is not applicable to
helicopters. Handling this is not planned at the moment. Regards, Sylvain