Help needed with KCID - Cedar Rapids

I have submitted this airport but it has been rejected due to missing windsocks. There are none noted on the only chart I could find so I located 2 using aerial imagery (marked on the chart with red dots), but the admins say there should be 4 - any idea where they are? Also, does anyone know if TWY D extends past E2 all the way to A9?

Sorry for the late reply.

I noticed that you already submitted the corrections for the windsocks, but I did find an additional windsock. Not sure which four you’ve already added. There is a 5th one that I found using Google Earth (I know Bing probably has different imagery, so this is purely for situational awareness).

I marked the original two that you had placed as blue, with the three additional locations in yellow.

Thanks again - I missed the one near RWY27. I’ll wait until the release (next update?) until I add it in, as there might be other stuff to fix once I see the airport rendered within the sim.