Help required re Hangar Specifications

Could some kind sole tell me where the dickens this data is edited ?? I have
tried ALL CFGS and Marketplace Data … Im stumped :frowning:

Hello @ModelMuncher You can look on the Aircraft Editor in the tab “WEIGHT AND
BALANCE” Change the Empty weight, save and resync, go back and then enter
again in hangar. You will see that the value has changed Same for the Max
Weight Regards, Boris

Appreciated but with apologies I wasnt clear … this section ALSO contains
wingspan, Range, speeds, etc etc

Yes guys Thank you but I know this … what I need to know is where are the
RANGE , FUEL CAPACITY ENGINE etc ? they appear in the Islander but NOT the
trislander as you can see from the image above

@ModelMuncher Check that ui_typerole is not empty in aircraft.cfg. Build
it and restart the sim Tell me if it’s better Regards, Boris

ui_typerole =“Three Engine Prop” (Trislander) ui_typerole =“Twin Engine Prop”
(Islander) Neither are empty … I just need to know where this data is stored
so I can edit it SURELEY Someone knows ? :frowning:

We are checking with the dev. I’ll update you when I know more about this.
Meanwhile, you can use ui_typerole=“Twin Engine Prop” and try again it
should work as expected as you may have already tested with this Regards,

@ModelMuncher We have identified the cause of the problem There is some legacy
code from FSX and therefore some values are not correctly supported. We will
work to improve this part but. for the moment, I suggest you to use
ui_typerole=“Twin Engine Prop”. Regards, Boris

for a THREE ENGINED Aircraft ??can we use ui_typerole = “Commercial Airliner”

Yes, this is what we call a workaround. This is why I said " for the
". Edit: I forgot to add that this workaround will not change
anything in the user interface and that the plane will be listed in the
Properllers category with the same types of specifications as the others.

Yes you can use ui_typerole=“Commercial Airliner” You will see it in the
Airliners category in the aircraft selection screen

Regards, Boris