Help with corrected_n2_from_ff_table

Hi, I’m struggling to figure out what the values for the
corrected_n2_from_ff_table mean? I see in the documentation that its:


But I would assume fuel flow constant of 1 is maximum fuel flow? It seems to
not work that way as I see from examples that most don’t even go higher than
0.6. So my question is how does this table work and what exactly to the values
mean? I have fuel flow at certain N1 rpm data points but I cannot plot them
properly using this table. Thanks in advance!

Sorry, the documentation for that particular table is in error and should
actually read: This table describes the relationship between the corrected
fuel flow and N2. In the flight model calculations the input for the
interpolation is the corrected fuelflow / static thrust scalar in order to
“scale” the input for the engine power. corrected_n2:corrected_FF,
corrected_n2:corrected_FF, etc... The next SDK update will correct this
issue, and thanks for pointing it out.