Hide (own) toolbar icon

Hi, I’m developing a toolbar window, which should not have any visible toolbar
button on top. But I still want to open/close is using javascript. In general,
I have no problem opening/closing the window using this JS:

Coherent.call("TOOLBAR_BUTTON_TOGGLE", 'PANEL_NAME', true);

I’m also able to remove the toolbar icon using this call:

Coherent.call("TOOLBAR_BUTTON_ENABLE", 'PANEL_NAME', false);

This causes the toolbar button to disappear, but it removes/closes my window
as well and I’m not able to open it again. In the .xml with has the __ tag, I
tried changing buttonVisible=“true” to false, with no effect whatsoever.
Any idea how do to this? It must be possible, as “toolbar pushback” does the
same thing with the pre-plan pushback window. Thanks :slight_smile:

HI, anyone has an idea how to solve this?
It seems to be possible by creating a custom html_ui/pages/ToolBar/ToolBar.html, which loads a custom javascript code to remove the button. However, this causes issues when using other plugins that make use of the same technique, like //42’s Flow tool