Hitbox of object becomes wrong when altitudeIsAgl="FALSE"

After setting in the .xml the objects to be altitudeIsAgl=“FALSE” I’ve
issues with the hitbox of the scenery object to be way off. The issue seems
relative to the ASL. You can see with the screenshot below, where I’ve spawned
a MSFS default object (to exclude my models is the issue), and the height
between hitbox and the visual placement of the object is off by what seems to
be the relative distance from placement to ASL. With this issue, it’s quite
hard to work with the object placement in mountainous areas where the altitude
is very high compared to ASL.

Another funky headache here is that, with that same setting on. Those edge
light custom objects, are on the exact same Z-coordinate in Gizmo, but yet
they’re not level. The only reasonable explanation here is because the helipad
is on a slope, but again, why does that matter if the objects are on MSL
instead of AGL?

Hi, The scenery editor doesn’t really support MSL altitude, and I discourage
strongly to use that because with a DEM update, the altitude of the terrain
can change and your objects can go into the ground. Regards, Xavier