How can I get a previous version of SDK? The latest keeps crashing to DT

I keep CTD when building my project. I have gotten to a certain point tyring
to correct it, but cannot figure out some way to send crunched files to
respondents without emails… So, I would like to get an older version of SDK,
in hopes that I can get it to work.

Here’s how we solve this recently. There’s a previous version 0.19.3 that
still has a valid link.
Change all the “0.19.3” to the version you are looking for and you might be
able to get it.

Thanks I will try that… :slight_smile:

Hi @Yamazaki93 , I’m curious how installing an older SDK can solve any CTD,
especially when the SDK and Devmode (which contains the build tools and is
integrated into the game unlike the SDK) are not linked. Is there any chance
you could provide a dump file to check what’s going on? [See section 2 and 3
bug-or-crash.html) Thank you :slight_smile: Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris , my mistake, by “solve this”, I simply meant “how we were able to
download the older SDK” using the link. There have been no crashes that we
encounter with any version of the SDK