How do cowl flaps influence CHT cooling in the sim?

The SDK doesn’t explain what effect cowl flaps are having on the cooling
equation for CHT. Can anyone from Asobo please elaborate on this? Ideally we
would have a similar engine.cfg line to oil_coolant_flaps_effect so that we
can adjust how effective cowl flaps are for a particular aircraft, as not all
aircraft are equal in this regard.

Hello @MV-JimStewart In the case of air cooled engines, the CHTCooling factor
described in the doc is computed as: CHTCooling = true_airspeed_fps *
density_ratio / temperature_ratio + cowl_flaps_pos * 80
ratios being the
quotient of current density/temperature and sea level density/temperature
cowl_flaps_pos being in the [0;1] range I’ll forward the request of being able
to configure their influence. @Nocturne FYI Regards, Sylvain