How do I set a DirectTo Waypoint in C#, Please

I have an application that is nearly finished … it acts as a co-pilot for
most planes. Now working on the standard MSFS A320 … how do I create a
WAYPOINT and DIRECTTO … (for a goaround for example) I found the doc notes on
creating 2 waypoints for an AI Aircraft. But I need it for whatever plane I’m
flying from the hanger. I tried the AI example,) Application in C# using
SIMCONNECT … DOCS have this Specifies the ID of the Microsoft Flight
Simulator object that the data should be about. This ID can be
still not working thanks

Please someone acknowledge this, if this is it NOT possible to set a new
Waypoint programmatically for the stock planes C# simconnect then let me know

We would love to be able to do this as well!

Due to no help on this problem, I have developed a 1/2 way decent alternative
(just until I find the solution to actually creating a goaround waypoint) …
is to capture the latitude and longitude at each waypoint and then have them
as targets … and then fly to them.

Hello @ZenMusic, It is not presently possible (as of SU9) to alter or
manipulate the sim flight plan from SimConnect. That functionality may be
added in a future sim update. -Matt

so how do I read the logitude and latitude for any waypoint? (by name)
Structure doesn’t have an ID? struct SIMCONNECT_DATA_WAYPOINT{ double
Latitude double Longitude; double Altitude; unsigned long Flags; double
ktsSpeed; double percentThrottle; };

Hello @ZenMusic To request data about any waypoint using its ident, you want
to use the Facilities part of SimConnect:


The FacilityDataDefinition2 SimConnect sample provided with the SDK
demonstrates how to request such data. Regards, Sylvain