How do we define the front (reverse side) on the new Propmodel

Greetings, As the title says, how do we define the front side of the
propeller? I tested a non twisted propeller and found identical thrust in
forward and reverse. This doesn’t only affect reverse thrust, but also a
windmilling propeller. Drag values are left to the model to calculate and cant
really be changed without affecting everything else. I tried different power
absorbed, aspect ratio, drag, lift, stall values, but then normal thrust is
effected in ways that just bring me back to the same values I had before. My
specific problem: At 90 knots im getting a peak of 230 pounds of drag as the
engine fails (prop is still at full 2300 rpm and has gone full fine). The prop
model slowly stalls the blades out and the engine rests at around 1300 rpm and
160lbs of drag. Still too much drag to climb with the 430lbs of thrust on the
good engine. I need around half that to get correct performance.
Question/solution to the Devs: Can a “reverse_lift/CL” (factor or absolute
value) be added to the propmodel? Thanks, Tommy

Can you give more details? Sounds like the beta min is too small. Is the gear
reduction ratio correct? Is the compression ratio and displacement of the
engine correct? is it a turboprop? You can change the zero-lift angle of the
prop as well as the lift slope. Need more info.

Beta min is 13° with an additional offset of 4°. Gear ratio, compression,
friction and everything is as accuarte as it can be (with the random units we
are given in FS). If i were to increase the fine stop then idle will be
completely wrong. The propeller model seems to be symetrical. Normal and
reverse thrust are identical with a non twisted blade, howerver baldes have
camber and an airfoil. The offset only is an offset to the angle.