How does Asobo hide Pilots in Interior Cabin?

How do you all hide your pilots in the cabin (interior camera) mode?? We just
lost functionality in ‘NodesToHide’ in Camera Config. I noted on your Bonanza
that it doesnt have anything in that entry. You have the pilot nodes set in
your cabins. If we have that also, our pilots show up in the plane with us.
How do we hide them in interior view mode? Many thanks for any input on this.
Massively appreciated. Bill Ortis LHC

Hi Bill, Try to add a visibility tag code via model behaviors using the sim
var Camera state. Regards, S.

I just went through an exercise trying to figure this out. You put Pilot_0 and
Pilot_1 nodes in your interior model at LOD1 and not have one in LOD0, you
could also add to LOD2,3,4 etc depending on zoom level. Then you set the LOD
minsize to say 250 on LOD0 and 150 on LOD1 and so on. I had to use 400 and
380. There is no need to put the Pilot_0 or _1 node in the exterior models
(gltf files) See the caravan as an example. Look at the gltf file in blender
and note that there are no pilot nodes in the LOD0, but are in LOD1,2 etc.
Using wingrep I did a search for Pilot_0 and only saw them in the interior
gltf files at LOD1 and higher.

That explains why some of the Asobo cabins had seatbelts expanded out in Cabin
LOD01, etc. Thanks Ron.

After SU5 the default pilot avatars doesn’t show up in my plane. Was the
method of node placement for pilot avatars changed in SU5?

Hello Tamas It didn’t change as far as I know, I am investigating a similar
issue at the moment. I’ll let you know when I find where it can come from.
Regards, Sylvain

@Tamas Hello Note that an additional step that is now mandatory since SU5 is
to set the appropriate type to the station_load entries of the
WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE section of the flight_model.cfg. Your pilot and copilot 3d
model will not be displayed if there is no corresponding entry with matching
type in this section.