How does one send out HTML events to a plane

I presume I answered my own question. But I would like to send out an HTML
event to a plane. For example I am testing with the FBWA32NX. I know they have
a html_ui folder with a SimVars.js. Thej Simvars.js has a bunch of functions.
If I wanted to send the plane an HTML event which I know the name and so
forth. Would I send it directly to that file then?

Working Title has some documentation here: <
avionics-mirror/docs/interacting-with-msfs/receiving-h-events> Ways you can
send an H:Event: - From RPN in model behaviors (>H:MyEvent) - From JS or
from the Coherent JS console: SimVar.SetSimVarValue(“H:MyEvent”,“number”,0) -
From WASM execute_calculator_code H:Events are received by all BaseInstrument
subclasses, via their onInteractionEvent method.