How does the exclude street lights work?

think the exclude street lights (polygon) tool deserves a little bit more
explanation in the docu

are lights to exclude, the polygon isn’t working

then moving some vertices a
little bit in that area, lights come off (this is the minimum bounding box
required to turn off all the lights)

And those are not street lights, because there are no streets (the osm overlay
is active!)

what are those?? they really looks like this industrial area boundary!

so yeah, the behaviour described here needs some more info Polygon Objects

Hello @mamudesign You are right, those lights come from this industrial area.
The current system is not explicit at all. The lights will be removed when the
first point of this industrial area polygon is in your exclusion polygon. We
will review how the editor and documentation can be improved to make this a
bit more predictable. Regards, Sylvain