How to activate 2 lights on a button in the xml

Hello **** I would like to make the beacon light and the strobe light assigned
to the same button in my plane. The problem is that in the XML, if I add the
line below, it does not work. " ** BEACON_LIGHT_SWITCH BEACON_Light BEACON
STROBE "** Same when I add a new template with the same name of node and anim
for my button. " BEACON_LIGHT_SWITCH BEACON STROBE " I was told that I
would have to make a custom code but I don’t know how to code and currently I
don’t have anyone to make one. sincerely.

There are two methods you can go here. A third method I do not suggest which
is to write logic to turn on two switches from a Lvar. The reason is the user
can’t assign hardware. So here are the two methods I suggest. Methods: 1.
Under the systems.cfg you can setup a light for the strobes and then add an
extra line that uses the same type but points to a beacon effect. Then the
user can assign strobes and get both lights. But for the electrical there will
only be strobes. Which would be normal as you only need 1 circuit. So set the
battery draw accordingly for both totaled. 2. Use an update code below to ask
if the strobe are ON and the beacon is OFF then turn ON the beacon. And vice
versa for turning the beacon OFF. This will have 2 circuits both controlled by
1 switch. So make sure to have both in the electrical section and set the
battery draw accordingly for each. Place this in your interior.xml

(A:LIGHT STROBE, Bool) 1 == (A:LIGHT BEACON, Bool) 0 == and if{ (>K:BEACON_LIGHTS_ON) }
(A:LIGHT STROBE, Bool) 0 == (A:LIGHT BEACON, Bool) 1 == and if{ (>K:BEACON_LIGHTS_OFF) }

Also make sure at the top of the interior.xml and after the you have these