How to apply engine weight?

Simple enough … Is there any way to define the weight of the engine / s ? I
ask because the current project “TRISLANDER” Has a stonking great Lycoming
attached to the fin that SHOULD Cause a great deal of Moment

The only thing I can think of is the empty CG position.

Or add it as a station maybe?

Thanks for your input guys but none of these fudges should be necessary ASOBO
? How about the following suggestion ? Engine.0 = 0.0, -6, -0.05
ThrustAnglesPitchHeading.0 = 0, 0 EngineWeight.0 = 300 (lbs)

For all parts of the aircraft that are static, it just gets expressed in the
empty CG and empty weight moi parameters. It would be a bit of convenience to
have a separate parameter for engine weight like X-Plane but this is not