How to attach toggle key to HIDE/SHOW MSFS static objects?

HI! I design and release bunch of sceneries filled up with static objects
(“POI Billboards”), which, based on OpenStreetMap data, show some interesting
POI points, scattered all over a country. Those billboards are very simple,
few-triangle objects but everyone is attached its own texture. The idea is
well commented by scenery users but… most of them would like to have a
possibility to HIDE (/SHOW) those objects on a Magical Mystery Key press (I
mean dynamically, in-flight) Is it possible in any SDK way? Maybe visual
effect or something? Regards, Rysiek

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Hello Rysiek You should be able to get this behaviour using the
ASOBO_GT_Visibility_Code template

                _your code here_

You will not be able to define a custom key event directly using the RPN code.
You will have to define a custom simvar using SimConnect to do so. You will be
happy to learn we will provide a complete documentation about the Behavior
system with the next update. Hope this helps. Regards, Sylvain

Oh FR Sylvain, if it’s not a ready-made solution yet, I can see it’s Light in
the tunnel! :slight_smile: Thank you very much, I will try to study the solution … I
never used SimConnect but maybe now is the time.

As a first step, you can use an existing keyboard event to make sure it’s
working before moving to SimConnect.

Final summary of the topic: these objects should be SimObjects and not scenery
objects (ArtProj), everything is explained in detail here - MSFS - Visibility
| FSDeveloper:

This section of the documentation explains it: Visual Effects

Regards, Sylvain