How to control snow at an airport?

Hi Guys! My question is related to projected meshes: The SDK says in the
projected meshes properties there is a ‘No snow’ option but it is not there
Interestingly on the lowest projected mesh there is no snow generated, but all
above there is generated. This of course gives a completely messed up outlook.
For the scenery object the ‘NoSnow’ option is there and it works fine.

The ‘NoSnow’ option works well for models, so if you are looking for making
hangar floors, you may try doing those simply using elevated polygons.

No I’m actually looking for disable snow coverage on certain projected mesh
layer. If the layer sequence is 0. photoground, 1. is asphalt, 2. is apron
concrete, than I do not want to have snow on the layer 1 and 2. But now, for
some reason every layer gets snow coverage except the asphalt. Which is
strange because everything is same on the layers. (asphalt has bump, that is
the only difference.)

Hello. This was a mistake, you can’t disable snow on projected mesh at the
moment. The doc will be fixed. The amount of snow depends on the surface type
and its color. The darker the ground color is, the less there is snow. The
thickness is also reduced when surface type is set to asphalt, cement, paint
or road. Regards, Sylvain

I’m sorry if this is slightly off topic, but are there any plans to give us
more options for snow on different surface types that aren’t projected mesh in
the future? Often more worn asphalt will be brighter than less worn ashpalt,
so the current system will often have more snow on heavily used areas of the
airport. It’s also not uncommon for the aprons and taxiways to be repaved in
patches and sections so the snow layer ends up looking like a patchwork. Would
love a future option to virtually snow plow the aprons and taxiways.

i’ve have been asking that some time ago: Winter is coming, and
beautiful hancrafted airports, with precise aprons/ashpalt/cement color
palette are going to be are going covered in snow dark/light has been a
wonderful idea for snow melting, but on airports we need something more
precise to work with… if possible :slight_smile:

I agree. We would need some tool to have the snow in control. The “Nosnow”
thickmark is actually a very nice solution at models so it could be used at
projected meshes as well. Interestingly last time we submitted a package for
marketplace the test team pointed out that our snow coverage is messed up. And
actually therefore we landed here.

Other solution could be: Invisible color map (black to white scale) which is
paintable in the sim. Black = full snow, Gray = middle snow White = no snow.