How to control the fuel selector in the DHC2 Beaver?

I would like to control the fuel selector switch in the DHC2 Beaver from a
hardware unit. The “normal way” of using the FUEL_SELECTOR_SET event does not
seem to work for this particular plane.

I don’t think this question really pertains to the DevSupport forum at all,
but since I happen to know the answer (the DHC-2 was my handiwork), here you
are: The DHC-2 Beaver is using only the modern fuel system which is a series
of tanks, lines, junctions and pumps. Since I don’t believe there’s assignable
controls for those, you’ll have to use a utility that lets you set/send
L:vars. The L:var to use is L:DHC2_FuelSelectorHandle; you’ll want to set it
to 0, 1, 2, or 3 to move the selector to the desired position.

Thanks, it works perfectly. I am using FSUIPC so I can write LVars easily. And
thanks for the wonderful Beaver!