How to disable pixel effects on screens/displays/gauges?

A couple of sim updates ago a pixel effect filter was applied to displays (at
least HTML ones anyway)… Is there any way to disable this effect for a
particular display? For instance we have a number of LED displays for which
the effect is not appropriate.

Hello @tracernz It can’t be disabled at the moment. We’re looking to make it
configurable. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Did you have any success with this?

Still the same :(.

Have you tried increasing resolution size in you panel.cfg? We did this on our Edgley Optica back in the day before Working Title updated the AS530. This removed some of the pixelation and low-resolution texturing. This of course has been resolved nowadays and we have resorted to using the WT530. However, that may help in your case. Cheers.

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Yeah, it’s a good suggestion and exactly what I ended up doing. Would be nice to save a bit of perf with smaller textures though. :smiley: Thanks!