How to display a Reticle or HUD in VR mode

Is it possible to display a reticle/crosshairs or better yet a full on HUD in
the VR mode of FS2020? I have seen code that does this in screen mode in a
SimConnect app that grabs the window handle and adds it external to MSFS but
I’m not aware of a way to do this in VR mode. For my application, I need a way
for the user to pinpoint objects on the ground but I can see this feature
being used to simulate a modern day fighter jet helmet-mounted HUD. A very
similar question was asked exactly two years ago with the title “[Get
VR/TrackIR cockpit camera pitch and yaw
cockpit-camera-pitch-and-yaw-values.html)” but nobody ever responded. Maybe it
will get some traction with a different title and a fighter jet use case.