How to export an aircraft that depends on fallback textures before building an aircraft package?

Hi guys,
How can I export an aircraft to my package folder where most textures need to be called using the texture.cfg before building an aircraft package? How is the workflow in blender to the sdk? Do i just delete those Asobo textures and build the package? because I’ve done this and even with a texture.cfg falling back to the asobo aircraft / default folders the delete textures are purple.

I’m very confused on how to rely on the asobo texture folders for callbacks when working with an aircraft.

Thank you.

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Any chance you can provide a better description of exactly what you’re trying to do?
Why are you deleting Asobo textures?
Where are you in the process? IOW, are you making a model in Blender and asking how to export it?
Are you creating a new plane?
Are you creating a livery?
Are you in Blender?
Are you in the Aircraft editor in Devmode?
Have you created a package yet?
Have you built it?
Are you looking at the plane in Devmode and some textures are purple?
Is your plane properly textured in Blender and you can see everything?
Do you have a proper texture.cfg file in your texture directory?
Does it have the proper paths to navigate the VFS?
What textures are you having problems with? Gauges? Interior Textures? Exterior Textures?

I don’t think anyone can help you unless you tell us what you’re trying to do.
And I don’t know what a delete texture is. Where are you deleting textures from and why are they Asobo textures and not yours? Your question doesn’t make much sense, at least not to me.

I am also interested in the answer to this. So far I brought the textures I needed from fs-base\texture into my blender project like you, then manually delete them from the package and add the fallback paths in my texture.cfg:


The default aircraft all use this same method so I think there must be a better way.

Hi guys, so I solved the issue by fixing the textures name. My exported names had an additional .png added. So the fallbacks were good.

Thank you.


Ensure that your aircraft’s textures are properly organized in Blender. Each texture should have a meaningful name, and they should be assigned to the corresponding materials.

Export your aircraft model from Blender to glTF format. Make sure to use the correct export settings, and include textures in the export.

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