How to fix swapped ICAOS

Recently we found several locations in Brazil with the wrong ICAO, for example
SBSI Sinope, where the pattern is at coordinates -9.0806421, -42.6451962 where
the correct one in this location is SWKQ São Raimundo Nonato Airport - Serra
da Capivara;

At the coordinates -11.8785442, -55.5839109 where the SBSI actually is, the
default is SWSI Pousada Amazônia Fishing Lodge where the correct coordinates
of this are -9.138995, -57.0617711 Our solution was to create a new ICAO
SBSI1, but this conflicted with Simbrief. Is there any way to make the
correction in the base of the simulator to correct these coordinates?

Hello @Brazil_Land_Games This issue is not Devmode/SDK related and should be
reported through the Zendesk portal instead. I will report it this time but
please go through Zendesk if you encounter similar issues in the future.
Regards, Sylvain