How to hide a GPS screen (html gauge)

I’m hiding the Aera GPS mesh node with its embedded screen (using an easy
visibility on/off xml code) but even if it is not shown in the cockpit the
mouse is still shown as an hand when passing over the screen area and the
mouse clicks are captured

The mouseover interactions are controlled by the isInteractive() property of
the JS gauge object when it LOADS. So whatever you want to do there’s a major
complexity if you want to toggle the gauge on/off/on during a single flight,
but you have more possibilities if the use case is to set the visibility for
when the plane loads and hence the gauge normally loads. (1) write your own
html/js gauge that subclasses the Aera gauge, overrides only the
isInteractive() method and uses Set/GetStoredData (? IIRC) to remember “true”
,“false” return value on next startup. You’d add that gauge to your panel.cfg
rather than the original Aera gauge. (2) put the $texture for the Aera gauge
on an animation and flip it somewhere behind the pilot. I haven’t tested
either of those methods…

Actually I found a very easy trick It was enough to put in the panel.cfg the
VCockpit entry for the Aera after the GTN750 (that manages correctly the HIDE
event with a specific L variable) and when the GTN750 is in the foreground the
Aera doesn’t get any input and viceversa

hey nice fix… good to have a working answer posted back here.