How to interact with aircraft in external view?

Can we interact with the model when in the exterior view? If I put my part and
animation in the interior model and export and then “go” outside the aircraft
I can make my animation work. However I can’t make the animation work if I put
the part and animation and code in the exterior model. Can this be done? What
Core ASOBO templates are needed in the exterior.xml?

I have already asked Asobo to make an exterior camera with interaction so it
will not interfere with the interior interactions. Also another request is to
fix the issue so that a no click interaction wall placed between a two
seater forward and aft would not block the xbox curser from hiding and the VR
from jumping to the wall. Here is what you can do for now but I caution you
that to not use any no click interaction wall in front of the aircraft or
sides because you CAN’T block outside to inside without the second issue I
just mentioned causing the Xbox and VR to break. So you will be able to click
everything from all locations of interior camera bring you. Here is what I did
for the exterior door locks. 1. Place the exterior clickspots for the door to
the interior model not the exterior. 2. Assign an interior view to this
location so the user can click it. This allows them to get to the location in
an interior camera. Until we get improvements the type of cockpit I just
mentioned above i would not develop and I suggest to not use the workaround I
just mentioned.