How to Link to an RTC in the aircraft XML

Hey all,

How do you write the entry to RTC files in the model export XML?

For instance, to add an Asset for the Manual, you would write this;







How would you enter a Hangar and Ground RTC file set?

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My thinking is to see if the E330 RTC files would run in my plane, and from there, see if I can export my own custom RTC’s from Blender.


@SimbolFSReborn , it looks like it might be more easier then thought.

I did drop in the Extra E330 RTC files folder into mine, and in the hangar, it goes through its routine nicely. Its not adjusted right for my plane, but the plan to see if it works, worked…

Now to figure out how to make a custom one in Blender with the moving cameras.

If you backwards open the files in Blender, it is Camera’s on an animated set of tracks. Thats it, and its then exported as a MSFS glTF file.

No idea yet how to make the RTC XML’s. I wonder if the ones from the E330 could be recycled/used as templates to rebuild into new versions for custom RTC’s for our own planes.

This, mind you, is for the opening scenes, not special events like you are requesting, but could be of big help.