How to make a harmonious curve?

Hello ! I am building an airport. I am in the process of installing aprons for
the taxiways or tarmacs. Questions: 1°) I would like to find a guide in order
to be able to make harmonious curves in the bends. 2°) how to make the taxiway
straight, with for example a spacing of 10 meters? I have a lot of difficulty
making these curves and figuring out how to make a straight taxiway. Regards,

Hello @Marcstrab , To make curves in the aprons: - Select your apron -
Select your points (hold CTRL and left mouse button) - Right click and use
“Transform to spline”

that’s the
result : Hope it helps, As for
taxiways, use “Taxiwaypoint” and put your two points. This will make a line.
You can then set the width in taxiway path properties. More info in the
Regards, Boris

MERCI ! je vais potasser le sujet.