How to make a node disappear after an animation?

I am trying to make a checklist disappear after the animation to move it away
has completed. I have the following code.

                (L:checklist, bool) 1 == if{ (L:checklist, bool) 100 * } els{ 0 }
                 (L:checklist, bool) 1 == if{ 0 (>L:checklist, bool) } els{ 1 (>L:checklist, bool) }

          (L:checklist, bool) 1 == if{ 0 } els{ 1 }

ASOBO_GT_Visibility is commented out - it will can ASOBO_GT_Visibility_Sim.
This will function -, however the checklist will disappear as soon as I click
on it. I want the animation to run and then disappear. I read in the SDK that
scale will help. This is a sub-element of

(and also
and is used to scale the value returned by the variable. The result is the
offset into the keyframes, for example: a boolean value of 0 or 1 scaled by
50, will result in keyframe 0 being used for the FALSE state, and keyframe 50
for the TRUE state. Can I use an LVAR for the (L:checklist)

This requirement crops up a fair bit, e.g. wanting to trigger a sound to play
at the end of an animation rather than the beginning. I’m guessing you’re
relying on the parameter in your switch to make that animation last long
enough to match the time you want to display the checklist for (2.5 seconds?)
but I don’t think that’s going to help. More mainstream would be to use
(E:SIMULATION TIME,seconds) in the visibility code, i.e. On the clickable
thing: on click: set Z:CHECKLIST_TIME = E:SIMULATION TIME; set
Z:CHECKLIST_VISIBLE to 1 On visibility of node, VISIBILITY CODE is: time delta
= E:SIMULATION TIME - Z:CHECKLIST_TIME if time delta bigger than 2.4 seconds:
set Z:CHECKLIST_VISIBLE to 0 then end the RPN with Z:CHECKLIST_VISIBLE so it
controls the visibility The idea of having a count in seconds from an event
generalises to directly making the animation parameter 0…100 (e.g.
CHECKLIST_ANIM = time delta / 2.4 * 100) if that becomes relevant - you can
still use lag to smooth that animation if you want to but that isn’t typically
necessary in the interior.

Yes thanks, that is basically what I had to do. Use a timer. I was hoping we
could use the scale option in ASOBO_GT_Visibility, but not for LVars, Not sure
if it even works as described for AVars