How to prevent keypresses from custom panel send to the sim?

I made a custom panel for finding ILS frequencies
frequency-database>) I have an input for the ICAO code- When typing into this
field sim-functions are executed too. For example typing a Y sets the sim into
slew mode. Can I prevent this?

Hello. Instead of ****, try to use ****Let us know if that solved the problem.
Regards, Sylvain

Oh, interessting advice! I’ll give that a try. Many thanks!

No. Changing my search to destroys my layout. Many objects are sized 10x
their normal size. I cannot enter the input field to test a keyboard action.
It is not visible. From where did You get this idea? Google does not find “”

@Abtzero The idea comes from our UI developers :slight_smile: We have some custom html
tags, that’s where the comes from. This is being documented and I hope we can
provide a proper doc soon. For the rendering issues, you probably need to
include our css files or define your own. For the input, try to add:

input.addEventListener("focus", OnInputFieldFocus);
input.addEventListener("blur", OnInputFieldUnfocus);

You can refer to existing panels like the ReplayToolbarPanel for
reference. Regards, Sylvain