How to properly implement MARS in MSFS2020?

Hello, MARS, Multiple Aircraft Ramp System, is used widely in Turkiye.
Especially in Istanbul, this is crucial. It doubles the terminal gate
capacity. Question is: 1- How to properly implement this system in MSFS 2020
sceneries? Is putting 2 mediums and 1 heavy at the same spot enough? Example
picture below. What is the correct way to achieve this? (Satellite image
attached below)

Satellite image:
2- How to achieve this
behaviour with the jetways? As it can be seen from the satellite image above,
when there is a widebody parked at main gate, both jetways are connected. When
2 narrowbody/mediums are parked at L and R respectively, one jetway per
aircraft is used. Is there a way to achieve this behaviour in MSFS 2020? Thank

Hello @cptalpdeniz , Such a system is not possible. Also be aware that you
will have spawn and airport services issues when taxiparkings overlap.
Regards, Boris

Hello Boris, Thank you for the response. We are looking for this for more
online and network flights (for example VATSIM) so overlapping AI traffic etc.
is not a problem. But I do not think there is a way to connect the jetways to
more than 1 gates?

Hii @cptalpdeniz , each jetway is attached to a specific gate so I’m afraid
it’s not possible. However I saw that you have created an idea and it’s the
right thing to do :wink: Regards, Boris

Now the only thing we need is the scenery developers to see and vote on it :smiley:


@cptalpdeniz:you can do that
rather easily but the problem is that you will lack a jetway at a certain
point and so you will have to add one (or two). The example below is inherited
from real life although these parking have been since renamed. You have here
three parking overlapping. T02 is for Heavies (or Mediums) and T01/ T03 for
Smalls-radius 18. Three gates but two jetways: one for each smalls T01 and
T03. One for the Heavy T02. The good news is that MSFS has brought a new
feature: when one parking is occupied, the adjacent one(s) won’t be allocated
if their radii overlap. The dashed circle is -alas- considered as a wingspan
and so a radius per se. If one “big” is in the middle parking then the two
“small” shall remain empty and vice versa- although only one small will
prevent the big to dock in your case. According to what you show, the solution
would be to create two additional jetways to dock to the two Small gates aside
the Heavy one. I believe you are working on LTFM Airport and I just discovered
that this airport is not in the MSFS database! Now there are two problems from
what I see: Firstly MSFS (and his daddy FSX) doesn’t support any letters after
the gate number ( A10L/A10R), you then should have to create two extra gates
with fictitious numbers ie A101/A102 or whatever to have MSFS handling the
thing. Then you add a jetway for each one. You will then have your 3 jetways
for your 3 gates. But but but… With this darn double radius logic,
considering what I see, the three gates are too close and…only one small
aircraft will dock, not even two… The only solution IMHO is not to bother
yourself and to put only one Gate Heavy. Again this radius system is a pain in
the foot but we have to bear with it… For your airport, it is frustrating
because in GE the distance between the two centrelines is 41 meters and suits
perfectly to the situation… except for MSFS… Hope it helps. Good luck!

Hello Xavier, Thank you for your suggestion however unfortunately it’s not
helpful. First of all, creating additional jetway is not realistic and
something we would never do. Second thing is the L-R thing actually can be
done and is being done in some sceneries. Even SceneryTR - Istanbul does it as
well. The big issue is the ability to attach the jetway to more than 1 gate.
If this can be fixed, we have a huge start.

Sorry I could not help you but your answer is very helpful to me! Indeed I did
not know about the L/R feature that is supported in MSFS. Very good news
indeed. I have a solution for your jetway attached to more than one gate but
I’m afraid you might differ. Considering that the gates have different numbers
you may add a jetway to the Heavy and attach the jetway link and jetway end
exactly at the same position/heading than the one used for one Small. In this
case the double jetways system is not visible except when one will dock to the
heavy and the other -almost the same- will dock to the Small. It’s (almost)
the “same” jetway for two gates. When they are both retracted it will be

Do you have a video or PoC for this?