How to remove road traffic around airports?

I have read a few topics regarding this question. All a bit old. Replies said
it would be fixed in SU10/11 but it is not working. I want to create a new
taxiway over a road at EHAM. But road traffic continues to drive over my
taxiway. I see the Asobo scenery Amsterdam has some sort of function where
traffic shortly disappears like its a tunnel at the Q taxiway. Can u help me
achieve this? Yours, Sven

Use a polygon of type Exclude roads. The poly must cover the end of the road
segment to work. It can be small, but must cover the end. You can see road
segments by using Debug|Terrain|Debug OSM Roads.

Most helpful. However, I experimented and found that the instruction to place
the Exclude Roads poly over the “end” of the road path displayed by the Debug
| Terrain | OSM Roads viewer should probably be modified. I have found that
making a small polygon, setting it to Exclude Roads and then moving it around
until the desired road line display disappears works well. On some road lines,
the end works, but on others there seems to be a “magic point” related to the
road line where the poly is effective. Perhaps this is a centroid or “origin”
of some sort. Searching with the small poly works for me, and the road line
disappears in real-time. Note that many roads are overlaid in some places. It
takes some experimentation. Again, thanks!