How to report a bug or crash

Here are some guidelines about how you can report a Devmode/SDK related bug or crash on this platform and the information we need to be able to fix the problem.

1) Create and format your bug report

  • Head to the BugReports category and click the “New Topic” button
  • Post 1 bug report per problem, don’t report several unrelated problems in a single topic
  • Select the subcategory and add tags depending on the part of the Devmode/SDK your issue is related to
  • Follow the default post template to make sure you provide all the important information

2) Generate dump files to help diagnose and fix CTD

When properly configured, the Windows Error Reporting system allows to generate full dump files when a program terminates unexpectedly.
Dump files store data about the application, its context and its memory.
In concrete terms, it tells us what part of the code was being executed when the game crashed and what the memory contained at that moment.
This is the most useful information we can have, especially with CTD that do not occur systematically.

Enabling dump file generation is done by editing the registry:
Collecting User-Mode Dumps - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

Note that, by following this process, you agree to provide us with personal data that can be contained in such files.
On our side, we guarantee such files will only be used for debugging purposes and will be deleted as soon as the crash cause has been identified, in a delay of 28 days maximum.

3) Provide private content

If the problem is very specific to your project / package or is very context specific, we can ask you to provide us with your package, DevMode project or dump file.
Or you might be willing to show us videos and pictures of your unannounced product and keep it private.

  • First, upload your file using a service like One Drive.
    Don’t secure it with an email request as we will be unable to provide one.

  • Then, send a private message to the @PrivateContent group with:

    • The same title as to the bug report topic.
    • The link to the bug report
    • The links to download your private content