How to set chase camera distance?

Bonjour, For a small aircraft (5.5 meter wingspan) I cannot find how to set a
closer chase camera distance. As it is now the camera is too far and all fine
details look bad, even with a full zoom that distort everything (and is still
too far for small details). Reviewing a lot of discussion from the past two
year, it seem to me that the distance of the chase camera is really missing,
or if it was added in the camera.cfg as stated for the 1.25.4, there is no doc
for it actually:

I tried all
sort of solution with lod, and camera.cfg and digging in all xml and cfg
without success. Much thanks
for any solution. Dan PS: the size/scale is good, it look consistant with
airport’s crew and vehicle.

Following, I asked this question a week ago here: Regards, Raul

Hi Raul, From a lot of reading it seem the camera.cfg is useless to this and
the only factor affecting the distance is somewhat the wing_span. From my test
I had to fit closely the “fake” white aircraft to get closer, there is a hot
spot to find here. Now my wingspan is wrong but the chase camera look good and
even better with the correct zoom that doesn’t distort everything (70°). This
question was asked a lot of time since release, what is surprising is that
none never got an answer from asobo. There might be a sort of religious taboo
and this chase cam distance… !? Dunno. Cheers, Dan