How to store preferences of my Custom InGamePanel? Cookies?

How can I store preferences like font-size for my custom toolbar panel?
(Choosen from the iframe user inteface of the custom htlm panel) Can I
write/read cookies?

SetStoredData("MY_FONTSIZE", this.fontsize);
this.fontsize = GetStoredData("MY_FONTSIZE");

That easy? Thanks! I’ll give it a try…

It does not work. Here is my code: Head-section:

  1. type=“text/javascript” src=“/JS/dataStorage.js”>

No, those errors relate to the map file, which is used internally for
development by Asobo, and not provided to the public. They can be ignored. Not
sure if the data storage happens synchronously, there may be a delay after the
call before the value is changed. It seems to work for me.

Hello, You can try this: In your .html, in a