How to troubleshoot user CTDs?

Hi, I’m having a problem where a few users reported similar CTD cases with our
Helsinki scenery. How can I analyze such cases? Is there any log file
available to check what caused it? There’s a group of customers that keep
getting CTDs every few minutes after loading the airport. Regards!

Hello @MKMatt, For now, the only way is to ask your
users to activate their full dump generation file
dumps> Then the CTD will create a dump file that you can send to us via Google
Drive/WeTransfer/OneDrive Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, Do you have any future plans to add log/crash log generation?

Hi Boris Here are 4 of my recent crash dumps, via WeTransfer ( 1 week
) I did look at them with WinDbg, and hopefully they may help you.
Wetransfer required an email address, and I don’t have one for you, so here is
the link. Anyone else interested is more than welcome to look at them, If
there is a better way with WeTransfer to submit them, please let me know

Hi @MKMatt , We are thinking about it but it’s not
planned for the moment Regards, Boris

@MKMatt I would add that if you have ideas about the
info you would be interested to find in such a log, don’t hesitate to create a
dedicated idea about it. Regards, Sylvain

Hi @N6722C, My comment above was for
@MKMatt If you have an issue please create a new
separate question Also, those files are not full dump. For full dump,
you’ll need to modify the DumpType value to 2 in the registry. See
mode-dumps) Regards, Boris

Hello Adding some explanations here. MSFS has an automatic crash report system
that allows us to track user CTDs and we process them based on how frequent
they are. If a CTD is caused by a particular add on or occurs during devmode
usage, it’s likely to slip through the net and devsupport is therefore the
place to report it. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain So there is little point in manually sending them in…? O
assume the settings for a local dump do not affect the type of crash dump you
receive automatically ? Thank also @ Boris - will set to Full dump if only for
my own use

There is a point to manually sending us here a link to a full dump if you feel
the CTD is addon or devmode related. For example, if all 3rd party developers
have CTD in the scenery editor, this is a big issue but will still be
statistically negligible in automated report. So reporting here and providing
full dump if possible is the way to go.

Is there a way for the user to see the information being sent to MS when MSFS
is going to send a crash dump ?

What about Xbox CTDs?

Hello @DrzewieckiDesign , Xbox CTDs are
anonymized and processed via Microsoft’s automated system Regards, Boris

Hi, I collected the dump file from a user who suffers constant CTDs in
Helsinki. Scenario: - Only MK STUDIOS Helsinki
installed, - CTD ~1 minute after spawning to the airport. Kind regards.

Hi @MKMatt , Unfortunately, your file is a mini-dump file and we need a full
file to be able to see what is going on. [Your user will need to change
the value of DumpType to 2 in the
mode-dumps) Regards, Boris

Ok. On it.

you might find all the information needed in the corresponding topic. Since
October 2020, it has a lot of details and 177 votes: [Debugging and Crash
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