How to tweak LODs in realtime

I wonder how’s the best method to tweak LODs for an object in the editor. It
seems no matter what, every change to LODs will require a simulator restart to
be completely effective, things I tried are: - Changing the MinSize values
for the object XML section seems to trigger some kind of reload in the
Console, but the LOD debug doesn’t show any changes in the LOD switching
values, they are still the original ones when the sim loaded first. - Re-
exporting all .GLFT, triggers a recompile in the Console, but no changes in
LODs. - Adding/Removing LOD levels seems to trigger a weird behavior, as if
preference is given to lowest LODs. - Using both the “Build” button or the
“Rebuild” or “Rebuild All” options in the projects still don’t update LOD
settings - Closing the Project and re-opening and loading the airport asset
doesn’t update LOD too. - Going back to the Main Menu and reloading the
Project doesn’t seem to change, and in some cases result in a CTD with no
errors. The ONLY thing that seems to always reliably update LOD settings, is
restarting the sim. Is there a better way to tweak LOD settings ? Ideally,
just editing the object XML file with new values, should trigger an immediate
reload of the object with new updated LODs. Since tweaking LOD is an highly
visual and interactive process, having to restart the sim each time to be sure
what you see is what you get, is really not feasible, and will only result in
products using LOD not tuned as best they could, because it was too
impractical to refine them better.

Yes. I second that. A more flexible way to play with Lods in addons would be
of a great benefit.

What would also be helpful to me would be an option that tells the sim that
the Lods parameters (the minSize parameter) is static, and are not inferred by
the Lod settings that the user modify in the graphics option menu. The problem
here is that i always test my LODs with an object LOD setting set to 100
(standard) in the graphics option menu. But if a user set it to 200, it can
change the perfs and resource consumption (the amount of vertices, drawcalls,
VRAM and RAM usage, CPU and GPU load…) due to the way Lods are displayed in
the game.

Having an option to tell the sim: hey ! Please always display the Lods in my
scenery the same whatever the settings of the user could be of a great

Hello. This is also an issue internally and we already have a task for it. No
ETA though. Regards, Sylvain