How to use custom cfg files with livery packages without overwriting the default ones?

I recently sent an update for a livery package on the marketplace which uses
custom cfg files. For example, flight_model, lights, engines.cfg, etc. It was
denied by the Microsoft team member because I figured the only way for the
user to utilize my cfg was to make a clone of the Asobo_a320neo folder and
place the systems.cfg , lights.cfg flight_model.cfg. Plus, it was the only way
for me to see the results as well. The package update was denied because it
triggers the stock planes. And so I am hoping for a method for my livery
projects to utilize their own cfg files. Making liveries requires us to add
[VARIATION] base_container = “…\Asobo_A320_NEO” which will point to the
default plane. I am not allowed to move forward without implementing this. How
can I point my livery package to my original cfg files? Thank you.

this question is confusing… if you’re overriding the flight_model.cfg then
your package obviously isn’t a livery package. What is it you’re trying to do?

I’m trying to use my own cfg files on a livery package. In other words, have
control of the flight_model, cameras and lights. But the aircraft.cfg for
livery packages needs to point to the base model. I would like to avoid using
the default cfg files and rely on my own custom ones. [VARIATION]
base_container = “…\Microsoft_ATR_72_600”