How useful are the options in model.cfg actually?

As far as I can see, all the bundled aircraft, and the marketplace add-on
aircraft that I have (like the Aerosoft CRJ and the Ju-52), use




Is there any good reason to ever not use those settings then? What was the
original thought, was it expected that especially complex aircraft set them to
false (to save on geometry bandwidth)? If you would use
withInterior_showExterior=false , then you would still need to include those
parts of the exterior that are visible from the cockpit windows in the
interior model, right? Depending on the aircraft, that can be quite a large
part of the exterior. Has anobody come across an add-on aircraft doing that?

I asked the same question over in the official forum, and somewhat
surprisingly already the second reply was actually informative: The
withExterior_showInterior=false is mainly for aircraft used for AI traffic,
you wouldn’t want to bother showing the inside of the cockpit of such.

Hello. Some products made by third parties are actually using it. For very
heavy cockpit / external models, that can be useful to reduce workload.
Regards, Sylvain