Hypoxia Simulation

Hello Asobo, Yes is me again requesting crazy and insane stuff, but oh well I
cannot help it… I just want to make cool things in MSFS. So as the title
indicate, could we somehow implement hypoxia simulation? it is an important
part of the training for pilot if they are not carefully with their cabin
pressurisation system or flying GA airplanes too high without using oxygen. A
simplified version of this so is not hard to put inside the SDK can be to
allow 3rd party devs to trigger a blackout (so you passed out due to lack of
oxygen) using the same current effect being used for Gforce where the vision
goes black could be used, where your start seeing dark, and darker… and
eventually all goes out. I tried yesterday to change the Gforce value via the
simwatcher on purpuse to 9+, 12+ Gs to see if I could trigger the effect this
way, but it didn’t work… it requires the plane to be on turns, etc. In hence
me requesting a better way to implement hypoxia towards a full blackout at the
end. Thanks for taken our ideas in consideration even when some of them might
not make it to the simulator due to lack of resource, hope you guys appreciate
our imagination and ideas anyway. Best Regards, Raul