I am trying to map the G1000_MFD_PAGE_KNOB_DEC and it doesn't work

I am trying to map the G1000 buttons to a logitech instrument flight panel and
they dont work, all other buttons work but just the G1000 PFD/MFD does not.

@KarovZ, If you are referring to the key events with the prefix G1000_,
those key events have been deprecated and are not used presently in MSFS.

Try H:AS1000_ instead of just G1000_. That’s what I use in my Air Manager
instruments. My G1000 NXi bezel works like a charm with everything 100%

It doesn’t with AS1000_ instead i’ve tried that, you have G1000 NXi extra
plugin? Which one there are two of those ?

Be sure to include the H: in front of your AS1000_ events. It wont work
without that. You can see the code for my G1000NXi Air Manager bezel here: