I crashed the Scenery Editor - Materials

Hi, I imagine I’m doing something wrong, but, I wanted to report a CTD of MSFS
while using the Scenery Editor while editing my project: 1. I created a
Material lib asset and gave it a path 2. I selected the new asset 3. Not
knowing what to do next to create the material, I assumed I needed to load it
in the editor… I selected the new asset in the project manager, selected
“Load in editor” in the project menu inspector MSFS crashed to desktop. I
realize I likely did something wrong or that I didn’t need to do, but I
imagine MSFS shouldn’t crash to desktop just because I chose a wrong thing to
do. Thanks!

Hello @FlyingsCool , I was not able to reproduce this behavior, Can you send
us a DMP file ? See 2) and 3) here : [http://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-
report-a-bug-or-crash/77) Thank you. Regards, Boris