I need feedback

https://youtu.be/K3UeaO9MG_0 Plane to be downloaded.

Hello, did you assign your Throttle for both engines ?

The elevators aren t far enough from aerocenter in Flightmodel.cfg, so the
aircraft falls from the noze.

FlyByWire=1 prevents from falling from the noze at low speed. I thought that
distance between aerocenter and elevator was the cause but not so much, maybe
with Flybywire=0.

After restarting the sim, the plane works correctly. I don’t know a lot about
flight models, but I’ll just list some observations:

  • It accelerates really fast. When I put full throttle on takeoff it blasts right through flap/gear retraction speed.
  • Stall speed is high. The plane will stall at 145kts flaps up and 120kts flaps down.
  • For some reason elevator control is less at full stick backwards than at 80% backwards. Maybe something to do with the front fins? It will also slow the plane down a lot.
  • The landing gear absorbs too much energy. I can slam the plane into the pavement and it won’t even bounce.

Thanks a lot for this feedback MrLiam, I think you do know more things than me
about flgith models :slight_smile: You can play with the table n1_and_mach_on_thrust_table
in engines.cfg. Also with this line: afterburner_on_thrust_table= 0.0000:2,
0.5000:2, 1.0000:1.2, 1.5000:2 But this line disappears of the engine.cfg file
when doing a Save&Resynch.; So we have to edit it independantly and only do a
Resync without Saving. I know it stalls at high speed, i know that a Delta
wing is complicated to emulate, but i also know that in real life, Delta wings
seem to behave this way without Canards and without electrical control ? I
tried to set Flybywire at 1, the behaviour is better at low speed but after
Mach1, the elevators don t react anymore… I will try to update the contents
of the model via Onedrive, and anyone can try to modify parameters, putting
the files in MouseAircraft in the SDK.

I realize that adjusting exactly the wings to this model makes it hard to
control. I need to cheat a bit: setting the aerocenter around -4 or -3 and
shortening the root chord to 30. This way it s really easier to control at low
speed. So the distance between aerocenter and elevators matter when

I`m expermenting this table: afterburner_on_thrust_table= 0.0000:2.0000,
0.5000:3.0, 1.2000:4.0000, 1.5000:5.0 With these values i can reach Mach 4 !!
Before i was using this table to increase Max Speed:
drag_coef_zero_lift_mach_tab I would like to know the inifluence of this last
table because now with afterburner_on_thrust_table, i can increase speed. Does
it still have a big influence ?

A little update. Landing gear animation`s lenght=400. Respected original
drag_coef_zero_lift_mach_tab . Only playing with afterburner_on_thrust_table .


https://youtu.be/0MMbLDX1n6Y So, weight repartition seems to be crucial. CG
and Fuel Tank position modified.