IDEA: Change behavior to display users livery

So. At the current time, the user’s livery is displayed by matching the
“title” parameter in the [FLTSIM] block. I think that this is not entirely
correct behavior, if there are two liveries with the same name, then only one
works (an error about this is displayed in the devmode console). Also, the
name of the same airline may differ (livery developers do not really try to
unify this point) My suggestion is to make the livery display based on the
parameters: “icao_airline” from the FLTSIM block (even if the user changes his
callsign, take the parameter from the livery) Optionally, you can use the
“atc_id” or “atc_flight_number” match in case the airline has several livery
variations (example: Air India Express, Frontier). This will make it easier to
control the display of custom liveries with variability and without errors.
Also, if the custom livery is not found in the list of liveries, then display
the default livery, the very first one in the list, or add the default
parameter for FLTSIM.

Unique titles are a requirement because in order to inject traffic via
different API libraries, is by using the SimObject title… so unless we have
unique titles… it breaks all sort of other add-ons and utilities. S.

I’m not asking for titles to be removed, I’m asking for a reconsideration of
how user traffic matches liveries.