[IDEA] FORCED PROP BETA system for Throttle, Pitch (RPM) and Mixture

This is not a new idea, but after seeing what has been done with the “PROP
BETA FORCED” system, it would be great if we could have the same with the
Throttle, RPM and Mixture (condition) levers. This means we dont have to use
the CPU intensive, slow, and awkward .WASM simconnect modules that just like
to break things. Operation would be the same. A Key event will enable the
“FORCED” key events for the Thottle, RPM and mixture (condition) levers. The
user will have no idea that their inputs are being manipulted. Said levers
will move like normal, but using simple XML code, FADECs, Auto throttles, RPM
Controlers (cirrus), Engine safety systems or boosts can be created without
going down the .WASM rabbithole. Said things are simple enough to make for
default aircraft. The cirrus prop control can be made with 1 line of code in
XML P.S im writing this for the 3rd time due to site erros >_<, pls fix